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Emergency/Trauma Center

Welcome to the Emergency Services Department
The Emergency Services Department at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center offers a 24-hour service to the area and is often the first experience an individual may have with AMMC. The most serious and life-threatened patients are always seen first. Those patients with relatively minor complaints may experience a wait before being treated by a physician.

The professionals working in the AMMC Emergency Services Department are Physicians, Advance Practice Nurses (APN), Registered Nurses (RN), Paramedics, and Patient Care Techs (PCT), all of whom are highly trained and experienced at providing emergency care. The Emergency Services Department at AMMC offers 24-hour physician coverage. The Arkansas Department of Health recognizes AMMC as a Level IV Trauma Center.

In addition, the ER is staffed with laboratory and x-ray technicians who provide quick access to the Radiology Department and Laboratory Services to ensure that all patients receive the prompt response they need in times of crisis. The 13 treatment rooms in the ER include Cardiac and Trauma rooms that offer state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and personalized care.

Our Approach to Patient Care
In an emergency, every minute counts in providing the best care. At the AMMC Emergency Services Department, this not only means quality medical care, it also means personalized attention to our patients' emotional and spiritual needs as well.

Our emergency room staff sets high standards for caring for you, and we take pride in meeting and exceeding these standards. Our staff is well-prepared to meet the demands of the ER. If you or a loved one ever experience a medical emergency, know that the AMMC ER is here for you in every way.

Symptoms You Should Not Ignore
In the unfortunate event that you were in an accident or suffered a broken bone, you would not hesitate to call an ambulance or go directly to the emergency department, but there many other times when you are not sure if your symptoms warrant a trip to the emergency room. Here are some common symptoms and conditions that we treat in the AMMC Emergency Services Department that may signal a more serious condition. This is by no means a complete list; never hesitate to go the emergency room if you feel that your symptoms need immediate attention.

First Aid Basics
Help prevent a situation from becoming an emergency by knowing some basic First Aid. Click Here to find out what you should keep stocked in your First Aid Kit at home so that in the event of an emergency, you could respond quickly and possibly prevent a more serious situation.

Caring For Others
If you have an elderly mother or father that has suffered an emergency, would you know what to do? Would you be able to answer the doctor's questions? Click Here to find out what you need to know before an emergency strikes.

Understanding the Emergency Services Department
At the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center Emergency Department we understand that an emergency room visit can be a stressful, anxious time in your life because of all the unfamiliar faces, surroundings, and experiences. It is our hope that this overview will give you a clear understanding of the Emergency Department at AMMC and answer some common questions about medical care in our Emergency Department. Below are the three steps involving a trip to the Emergency Department:

  1. Assessment and Triage
  2. Treatment
  3. Discharge

Contact Us
Contact the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center Emergency Services Department at: 870-239-7000.