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The mission of the Arkansas Methodist Medical Center Pharmacy is to provide quality professional pharmaceutical care and service to meet the healthcare needs of our patients, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals at all times. 

The pharmacy employs licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to provide services. Medications are provided to patients by a 24-hour unit dose exchange system and by the growing use of automated dispensing cabinets.

Orders are entered in the Hospital Pharmacy Computer System on a profile for each specific patient. Orders are reviewed by a pharmacist and checked for the correct drug, dose, route, frequency, and other important information. A pharmacist reviews the medication orders of each patient to ensure that their prescription is accurate. Allergies, interactions, disease state and dose adjustments are all reviewed for each order.

The AMMC Pharmacy has an IV Admixture service to provide our patients with IV medications when they are necessary. These IV products are compounded in a sterile environment to meet all state and federal standards.

Our pharmacists provide education to the patients. Pharmacist make daily rounds on patients to discuss their medication therapy and to provide information on new medications and side effects. The Pharmacy also provides education to the hospital and nursing staff.

The pharmacists provide pharmacokinetic consults, which involves calculating, ordering and monitoring certain drugs that need specific levels in the blood to work properly and must be tailored to the patient's kidney function.

A renal-dosing program is available on a daily basis to the physicians to include drugs that need dosing review based on kidney function. 

Many other services including are provided daily by the pharmacy staff. Antibiotic Consults antibiotic monitoring, TPN consults, Warfarin monitoring, electrolyte monitoring are included in the other services the pharmacy provides.