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Varicose Vein Treatment

Arkansas Methodist Medical Center has recently added the VenaCure EVLT procedure to its many patient services. VenaCure EVLT is a fast, safe and minimally invasive laser vein treatment for the elimination of varicose veins that is more than 95% effective.


Approximately 40 percent of all women and 25 percent of all men have varicose veins. Because the traditional treatment for this condition, surgical vein stripping and ligation, tends to be a painful procedure with a lengthy recovery time, patients who suffer from varicose veins often decide to just suffer with them.


In the VenaCure EVLT treatment, a laser fiber is inserted into the vein through a tiny puncture site. The laser energizes the fiber as it is withdrawn from the vein. Energy emitted from the tip of the fiber causes only the treated vein to close, while the body automatically routes the blood to other healthy veins. The patient receives only local anesthetic and experiences little to no discomfort during the 45-minute procedure. After treatment, a patient can simply walk out of the treatment room and resume normal activities immediately.


Additional information on laser varicose vein treatment with VenaCure EVLT is available from the AMMC Surgery Clinic/Dr. Bob Warner at 870-239-8107. The practice is located at 1000 West Kingshighway, Suite 13 and procedures are performed at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.