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Hepatitis C

 Is Hepatitis C curable? Yes.

With all the various treatments available for the treatment of Hepatitis C, depending on the genotypes of the HCV, cure rates have been as high as 97%. Hepatitis C treatment has come a long way and the side effects of these medications are usually mild.

According to the CDC, there is an estimated 3.2 million people with Hepatitis C (HCV) infection in the United States. Because there is no vaccine available for preventing the infection, the CDC is recommending that health care providers offer screening to those individuals who are considered at high risk. The goal of care is to provide the opportunities for people infected with Hepatitis C to benefit from the treatment. Most of those infected do not know that they have the disease. Hepatitis C is most easily spread through direct blood-to-blood contact.

The most common routes of HCV infections are either sharing of needles and other equipment used to inject drugs or blood transfusions and organ transplants that were done before 1992. Those individuals who are born between 1945 and 1965 (also known as baby boomers) are at the highest risk. People who are HIV positive, children whose mothers were living with Hepatitis C, those with liver disease, those on long-term kidney dialysis, and those exposed to HCV through their occupations.

 For more information about testing and treatment for Hepatitis C, please contact the California Digestive Diseases Institute at Olympia Medical Center at 310 556 7747.