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Advanced Instrumentation/New Technology

Advanced Instrumentation / New Technology – helps make surgery safer and less invasive

Microscopes – used for minimally invasive surgery allow the surgeon to see the finest details of the surgical site helping the surgeon distinguish tissue more efficiently.

Neurodiagnostic Monitoring – SSEP and EMG evaluation during surgery informs the surgeon of immediate neurological changes occurring during the surgical procedure.

Endoscopic – use long thin tubular cameras and surgical tools through very small incisions to perform the traditional operation.

Motion Preservation Surgery – traditionally the only form of spinal stabilization was a fusion. Our research is on the cutting edge of alternate technology rather than fusion in order to preserve motion:

Artificial Discs – have been studied for years and recently one product has been approved by the FDA as an alternative to spinal fusion. Its believe that the benefits of artificial discs include, but not limited to preserving motion of the spine resulting in less restriction of motion and improved preservation of adjacent discs. The ADR is FDA approved for the lower back and at OMC ADR for the neck is being investigated currently.