Application Process

Application for appointment to the medical staff can be obtained by contacting Medical Staff Services at Flagstaff Medical Center. Medical Staff Services processes about 40 applications each year.

As the applicant you will be responsible to provide complete information and answers to the questions with explanation on a separate sheet of paper as indicated and requested; then return the application to the Medical Staff Office. Privilege forms should reflect only those privileges/procedures which you intend to perform or be considered for at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Copies of the following documents must accompany your application regardless of category:

  • Current Arizona license
  • Face sheet of your current professional liability insurance noting limits, expiration date and coverage
  • Narcotics licensure (DEA) certificate
  • Medical school diploma
  • Certificates from internship, residency and fellowship programs
  • Specialty board certificate
  • Recent wallet size picture (2x3)

Lack of the required documents, insufficient addresses and/or omission of an answer to any question on the application will constitute an incomplete application. An incomplete application cannot be processed. The Medical Staff Office will assist you in compiling a complete application by originating all queries to verify the information you have listed on the application. If we do not receive a response to the query within three weeks, a second notice will be sent. You will be notified by mail and asked to intervene in order to complete your application.

A completed application is processed in approximately 90 days and then presented to the Credentials Committee. Active staff may or may not be required to interview with the Credentials Committee. Consulting and Courtesy staff may also be required to interview with the Credentials Committee. Recommendation is then forwarded to the Medical Executive Committee, and then to the Board of Directors for final action.

To obtain information regarding physician licensing in Arizona, you can contact the Arizona Medical Board at:

9545 E. Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258-5539
Toll Free: 877 255-2212

If you have any questions regarding the credentialing process, you can contact Medical Staff Services at 928 779-3366 extension 13501 or 13138.

Thank you for your interest in membership to the Medical Staff of FMC.