Complementary Services

Complementary Services offered at Flagstaff Medical Center are designed to enhance patient care while promoting greater well-being for patients and their families.

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Caring Canines
FMC is just one of a growing number of hospitals that recognize the healing benefits of animals. FMC’s dog therapy program provides not just a dog, but a special friend.

Bedside Music    
Studies have shown the mental and physical benefits of therapeutic music. Music can reduce stress, aid mental focus and help lower blood pressure. Therapeutic music has been shown to promote the production of endorphins, which reduce pain. It also assists in the production of salivary immunoglobin, which speeds healing, reduces infection and regulates heart rate.


Massage Therapy - Inpatient or Massage Therapy - Outpatient
FMC is one of a growing number of hospitals that recognizes the healing benefits of massage therapy. As the public and medical community seek a more patient-centered approach toward healthcare, conventional medicine and complementary practices can combine to benefit patients in many ways.


Pastoral Care
FMC believes that total patient care demands attention to the spiritual as well as the physical and emotional needs of each patient. Please let your nurse know if you would like a hospital chaplain to visit with you during your stay. Your priest, minister, rabbi, Native American medicine man or other spiritual leader is welcome to visit you while you are here. 


Patient Assistance
Occasionally, patients hospitalized at FMC have limited or no financial resources. The Patient Assistance Fund is designed to assist these indigent patients or their families with prescriptions, transportation, meals, lodging and other financial needs that relate to their medical problems.

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