Nurse Navigator Program

An oncology nurse navigator is a healthcare professional who specializes in all aspects of cancer care including education, care coordination, treatment options and survivorship plans. The Nurse Navigator program at the Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare provides guidance, emotional support and care management to those recently diagnosed with cancer and their families.

Services include:

  • Assisting with understanding diagnosis and various treatment options
  • Education on prescribed diagnostic procedures
  • Guidance throughout the cancer treatment journey
  • Emotional support
  • Information on helpful services and resources available
  • Identifying options for available care
  • Help with coordinating care with other healthcare providers
  • Education on cancer survivorship programs

Our oncology nurse navigators will contact patients soon after they receive a diagnosis, and are available anytime during one’s cancer journey. These services make it easier for cancer patients to concentrate on the healing and recovery process.

For more information on the Nurse Navigator Program, call 855-471-4748 or 928-773-2261.