Sports Nutrition Programs

Eating a protein bar or drinking a glamorous sports drink before a competition won’t, by itself, turn you into a champion. Learn from the professionals on how to feuel your body to maximize benefits during your workouts.

Individually-designed nutrition programs and counseling are available to support the athlete in all phases of training and competition.

Our  registered dietitian also can address vitamin and caloric intake, and are up to date on whether to believe the hype surrounding different supplements. Our registered dietitian knows the demands of competition and how small changes in diet can yield big results.

To get a personalized one-on-one nutrition consult and a program designed specifically for you, call 928 773-2084, or fill out our Request Form

If your team would like to have a group counseling session on specific nutrition concepts or weight management, we can arrange this as well. Just give us a call to discuss what your needs are.