Parking Information

Parking is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please lock your car. There are numerous patient/visitor surface lots as well as a parking garage. Please try to make a mental note of the area you are in before leaving the parking lot. All surface parking lots have posted lot letters for your convenience. If you have trouble finding your vehicle, a security officer will be happy to help you locate it.

If you drove yourself to the hospital and will be staying a few days, call Security once you have settled in and advise them of your vehicle’s description including license plate number and location so they can keep an eye on it for you.

Call the switchboard operator at extension 0 or 12900 and ask to speak to a security officer. From outside the hospital, dial 928 779-3366.


Safety tips From FMC's Security Officers

FMC's Security Officers are committed to keeping our patients, visitors and employees safe at all times, on or off our campuses. They've shared these tips as part of their commitments to improving the health of the communities FMC serves.

General Safety Guidelines

  • Remember, while safety is everyone’s responsibility, personal safety starts with you!
  • Learn to use and trust your intuitions about the environment and others.
  • Do not be intimidated into putting yourself into an unsafe environment and do not be afraid to speak up about safety concerns.
  • Appear and act aware and self-confident. Establish eye contact. Many would-be attackers rely on the element of surprise. Don't wear headphones as this limits your ability to be fully aware of your surroundings.
  • In elevators, don't get on or off with someone who arouses your suspicions.
  • Walk in well-traveled and lighted areas. Avoid dark and isolated shortcuts.
  • Walk with someone whenever possible and set up a buddy system with your friends. Tell someone what time you plan to return if you must go alone.
  • Call a security officer to escort you to or from your vehicle after dark or if you feel uncomfortable walking alone. 
  • Have your keys out and ready to unlock your car.
  • Always check the backseat before getting into your car.
  • Don’t invite a vehicle break-in by leaving packages or valuables (radar detectors, cellular phones, textbooks, CD players) in sight. Take valuables with you, put them under the seat or lock them in the trunk.
  • If someone or something arouses your suspicions, GET AWAY! Then call Security or the police.
  • Discuss concerns and safety strategies with others.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers in mind.
  • Know the location of phones around the areas you travel.

Personal safety is best accomplished as a team effort undertaken by FMC security officers, the community and you!