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All vendors must be registered with Northern Arizona Healthcare’s (NAH) vendor registration system in order to conduct business with NAH.

NAH includes Flagstaff Medical Center and Verde Valley Medical Center. The vendor registration system allows NAH to maintain a record of contact, financial, legal and product information for vendors and serves as a platform for policy and documentation exchange.

NAH’s vendor access and registration process is aimed at better managing the rising complexities of regulatory compliance issues. These policies were developed with patient safety in mind. Additionally, the policies will enforce protocols for a more professional and consistent relationship with vendors. To be in compliance with federal and state laws and to control the spread of infectious diseases, vendor representatives must maintain current TB and MMR documentation.

NAH expects every sales representative who interacts with any location to register and provide his/her representative’s data. 

  • The vendor registration system for NAH is managed by Vendormate, Inc.
  • There is a nominal annual fee for vendor registration, which is per company registration not per representative. The fee ranges from $25 to $250 per year, and the fee is determined based on the vendor's risk profile. This fee is paid to Vendormate, Inc. and is used to purchase third-party data, perform screening and credentialing, store compliance information and documentation, and communicate with vendors throughout the year.

Vendors who have direct patient contact or otherwise have access to Protected Health Information (PHI) of patients are considered Business Associates under the HIPAA privacy regulations and must have a signed Business Associate Agreement on file with the NAH Legal Department.

Vendors who require access of any nature to NAH’s electronic informational systems in the performance of their duties must have a signed Remote Access Agreement on file with NAH Legal.

NAH recognizes that vendors/sales representatives serve as a valuable resource for physicians, and health colleagues through shared product information, technical information and the provision of education and training. It is not the intent of the policy to interfere or create a barrier to the collaborative relationships that have been developed with vendors. 

NAH considers these relationships essential to the continuing advancement of clinical practice, education and research. The requirements of the policies serve as a framework for our business relationships and outline expectations that are required in the provision of healthcare today.

NAH looks forward to the possibility of working together.