Features Specifically Designed For Medical Websites

Finding A Physician
Made Simple
Provide visitors to your website a way to search and view physicians who practice at your facility. Our Find a Physician tool includes:

  • Capability to search for physicians by geography, practice, specialty, etc.
  • Management of physician details and photos
  • Easily maintainable by site administrator

Patients Can Pre-Register For Their
Appointment Securely Online
Improve the accuracy and speed of the admissions process by allowing patients to pre-register online before their appointment. Any information submitted via the Pre-registration Form is confidential and is only shared with third parties as outlined in the Privacy Pledge. Facilities may choose our Pre-registration Form or customize a form specifically for your medical facility during the initial implementation process.  

Add A Web Nursery To Your Website For 
Babies Born At Your Facility
Do you prefer your hospital or birthing center staff to handle your facility's virtual nursery.  Our new, easy-to-use web nursery tool allows you to do just that. Your  staff can photograph and upload the information on each new bundle of joy born at your facility as a personalized service to their patients. Friends and families can share in the joy of the birth by viewing babies online and download photos as keepsakes without having to purchase expensive photo bundles or prints.




Offer A Library Of Health Information To Your Visitors 
Expand your site's content by connecting to a health news and content library and have it automatically populate within your website. This is an optional feature brought to you through an arrangement with EBSCO Publishing.  

Allow Loved Ones To Stay In Touch With Patients During Their Stay   
Visitors can enter a message online and submit it to the hospital where it is printed and hand delivered to the patient by hospital staff.