Delegating Responsibility With Workflow Functionality

With our optional workflow system, user security allows delegation of one to multiple users to edit and/or approve website content (based on user roles). This is ideal for websites that need security to be layered in a site with a built-in approval hierarchy. For example, authors can submit content that must be approved by both a group of editors and a legal department before it can be published.

User security defines the access to the website content by folders and their authority at the folder level. There are two security options: authors (an author can create and modify pages) and editor / approvers (an editor / approver has authoring rights as well as approval rights to the specified folder hierarchy).

A workflow site may be set up in one of two ways:

  1. Standard Workflow: A single editor/approver or set of editors/approvers
  2. Tiered Workflow: Set-up a different group of editor(s)/approver(s) at the folder level. An editor/approver needs to be set up for each global navigation element.